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Post Info TOPIC: ECU G16B Baleno FP Pinout problem


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ECU G16B Baleno FP Pinout problem

You can swap the pins around, you need to unclip the retaining part of the connector and then use an extraction tool to unlock the pin.
If you have two data channels you may be able to use the ELM tool, it depends on the year and which market the vehicle was produced for, post 2001 Dutch models would be OBD2 I would think.


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Hi All, 


Currently swapping my second 16V, now in my brothers Sammi.
I have a question about the wiring loom and ECU pinous as I have found what seems to be a fault in the loom from the Suzuki Baleno.

In all schematics I find for the Immo type loom, the Fuelpump relay is controlled by pin B2 (FP) wire color is Y/Bl Yellow with a Blue tracer.
Also on the ECM's PCB the B2 is labeled FP
Also on the same connector pin B10 is Blank (empty)
It should be noted that pin B2 is directly above pin B10.

However in my loom I can see that the wire Yellow Blue is actually pinned in B10 and that B2 is blank/empty. (As if the wire was accidently put into the wrong terminal)

Question: Is there any other type of Loom/ECM that has the FP on pin B10?

The previous owner of the engine and loom has worked around this by adding the FP relay control in IGN2, so it was not controlled anymore.
I do believe of this was ever fitted to a Baleno it must have had issues also. Can you take the pins out and relocate them on the ECM connectors at all?

I will wire up the rest tomorow and do a power up and measure all voltages accros the loom anyway, I'll see if the either Pin B2 or B10 goes live after powering up the ECM, if so I at least know what should be the correct terminal.


Also I noticed that:

The G13B with Immo, dual coil, dual HO2's & CAT, the OBD2 connector has 2 data channels, 

The G16B with Immo, dual coil, single H02s has only the Suzuki serial data line.

Can I use my ELM327 dongle for the Baleno type also, or is there another type availeble?


All info's highly appreaciated.

Best regards Thomas 

Sj413 G13B 16V Samurai G16B 16V
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