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Post Info TOPIC: H27A ECU (hitashi?) - Suzuki XL7 2003 (updated dash ADM market)


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H27A ECU (hitashi?) - Suzuki XL7 2003 (updated dash ADM market)

I haven't posted on here for 5 years, but in this case the empathy is strong. You probably won't get much help.
I'll keep this over-simplified and use generic terms rather than protocols and ISO, SAE standards etc.
If you want specifics, I might see a post/dm reply on here, or find me on Auszookers under the same username.

ADM was late to the global OBDII party. Regions implemented the "OBDII" standard at different times, US 1996, EU 2000, AU 2005 for example. Some (mostly Asian) manufacturers shipped non-OBDII compliant ECUs right up to the cut-off date in regions of the world where they were allowed to, Australia being one. You likely have an "OBDII" connector under the dash, though it is just that, a hardware connector. Broadly speaking Suzuki could at that time, for this market, use any protocol on various pins of the connector.

Simple Solution:
Use a genuine ELM327, Jaycar does them for $60. There are Android apps which will detect incomplete (low quality cloned) ELM327 modules, you should use a genuine v1.5 module and test it before starting. I tried $10 "genuine" modules from eBay, don't.
Download SZ Viewer for phone or PC from here <malykh.com/soft/sz-viewer/>
I recommend SZ Viewer only as it typically works straight out of the box, it is designed for the purpose. It is also still being updated. Allows for streaming of live data from the ECU, DTC present and stored, as well as clearing of DTCs.
Note I have had limited success with the aux ECUs such as 4WD, SRS etc, but my Jimnys are simple MT models so....

Using other diagnostic software:
You can use other software, some may auto-detect the correct protocol, some may need it to be manually set, others will neither auto-detect or allow manually set protocols.
Most will require manual setting.
Use the same ELM327 module.
Many apps seem to ID this protocol differently and you may have to try a couple before it talks back. Open app, open settings and set the protocol to either ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 or KWP2000. Always baud rate 10.4k (10400), fast init.
You may need to use an initialization sequence also. This tells the ECU how to respond. In the app settings, find "init string" or similar and enter

Rabbit hole warning:
This can be one hell of a rabbit hole, I am currently trying to remap a non-vvt M13A Jimny to better suit the M15A and future experimental mods.
ECU OEM part number 33921-81AJ*
ECU module family 33920-81AS(0)
Software ver: 0000
I am considering a Megasquirt ECU, but am loathed to spend (more) hours on the loom build and test.
If you just want the live data, DTC read/clear ability, settle for SZ Viewer and keep your sanity!

2001 Jimny M15A


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Hi All,

What a nice, welcomed write up it was to find this - http://www.rhinopower.org/diag/diag_main.html

I have scoured so many forums from 7+ years ago about ECU scanners for my suzuki, all of the just stop with someone having some success but never really revealing the details.

Long story short: i'm in the middle of building a small 'overlander' out of a cheap 2003 suzuki XL7 i picked up that was in good nick. I would absolutely love to know how i can a) get my hands on a scanner for codes that wont cost the same amount i bought the car for, would alos love to get live data out of the thing too. 

its got what looks like an ODB2 port but i believe the ecu is still on OBD1 using a the KWP2000 protocol? going off the timelines of the write up and my car being a 2003. But still not sure.


Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or what information do i need to give in order to figure out what protocol its using?

I'm ok with tech/IT etc but this is my first ever ECU deep dive, so apologies for the eyerolls!

Appreciate any support or feedback.

Thank you so much for reading


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