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Post Info TOPIC: 1990-95 samurai(jimny) 80c30 ecm rebuild issues


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1990-95 samurai(jimny) 80c30 ecm rebuild issues

Did you ever find the problems with these board?
I don't repair Ecms but have researched sidekick/tracker ecms as I've come across a few bad ones.

I've heard the IC board occasionally go bad and are not available for replacement.

Being in the off road scene, a common trail fix for infection failure was to hot wire the injector positive side. Since that usually worked out was done often.
Most times the guys would run the ECMs with the injector hot wired as a permanent fix.

I always advised against this because sooner or later the ecm components would overheat and the ecm was ruined.

Have you, checked the board for damage that would be caused by battery voltage applied to the red injector wire, the damage may be in a spot not usually checked for general failure.

Definitely an intriguing problem. Interested to see if you've solved it.



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Hi all,

Ive been rebuilding suzuki ecms off and on since '05.  I have about 10 samurai ecms that all have coil power but not injector action.  I have 1 identical ecm that functions.  
Ecm# 80c30
I have swapped the whole injector driver heatsink w/the 4  drivers from one of the bad boards onto the working one and it still works (indicates to me not transistor/drivers).
I have replaced all caps, all traces have been confirmed to be good.  
When i voltage test on the injectors i can see the pulse of the system it goes from 0.0v-.22v where as on the working one it goes from 0.0v-8v which goes directly out to the injector wiring.
Im at a major loss and am hoping you could help me out with some thoughts?
I find it really hard to believe that all 10 have the same non function but they do.  
On the non working ecm's,
Following traces it brings me to ic9 pin #4 which flickers the 0.22v when the dizzy is rotated. Pin #7 flickers 8v.  If i jump these two pins i get everything working as it should as far as the coil and injector are concerned. That would then lead me to believe that ic9 is bad but when swapped onto the good ecm it functions as expected.
Its driving me crazy.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I even have xray images of the bad board, will be getting images of the good board to see if something i cant test is burnt out.
Thank you.

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