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Locating OBD addresses

If your ECU is not currently supported then you will need to build an address map. Some functions may work correctly, others may not not. There are several ECU options that can be tried to find one that works best. You may need to determine where some addresses are, here is a rough guide on how to do that.

1) Start Rhinoview, set up the correct com port and select either baud rate
2) Connect and then select Get ID, if an ID is displayed then you have the correct baud rate, otherwise close down the programme and restart select the other baud rate. Note the ECU ID number.
3) With an ID displayed, select 'Start', do not start the engine yet.
4) Select 0000 as the ECU ID and toggle the Dataviewer so the fields are displayed as addresses 0 to 23 (this will be expanded soon). The data will be displayed as raw data, in the range 0-255.

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).
With engine off, depress throttle. There are two TPS values, angle and voltage. Voltage will move through a large range than angle.
Water Temperature Sensor (WTS)
Unplug the sensor, the value should jump to 255 or 0.
Air Temperature Sensor (ATS)
Unplug the sensor, the value should jump to 255 or 0.
Manifold pressure Sensor (MAP)
Unplug the sensor and look for a change in the displayed value.
Oxygen Sensor (O2S)
With the engine running and at normal operating temperature the O2 sensor value will change continuously. Unplugging the sensor will cause it to freeze at a default value.
Engine Speed (RPM)
There are two addresses for RPM, they are usually adjacent with the high byte at the lowest address. When the engine rpm is increased slowly one addresses will increase form 0->255, it will then drop to 0 and increase to 255 again. Each time this address passes 255 the other address will go up by one. Engine RPM is calculated as (high byte * 256) + low byte. Engine speed sometimes needs to be multiplied by 4 to get the true value.
Vehicle Speed (VSS)
VSS will increase with vehicle speed, it is independant of engine load or engine speed.
Injector Pulse Width
There are two addresses for Injector Pulse Width which operate similar to the RPM addresses. With the engine off the address will display a fixed value, the injector pulse width will increase with load. When the throttle is released at high RPM the value will drop to the engine off value as fuel cut is applied.
Battery Voltage
With the engine not running this value will reduce slightly with electrical loads applied and increase slightly when a battery charger is connected. A voltmeter will need to be used to determine the multiplication factor required.
Idle Speed Controller
At idle this should be around 50 and will vary with load.
Ignition Timing
At idle this should display the base ignition timing (ie 8degs or similar) it will increase with engine RPM and can be verified using a stroboscopic timing light. Note that the ECU will calculate the timing assuming that the distributor/sensor is correctly timed.
Fuel Trim Values
There are usually three Fuel trim values, Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT), Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) and what I call Applied Fuel Trim. If the battery is disconnected for a short time the fuel trim values will be cleared to their initial value of 128, when the vehicle is run again the STFT will change at a faster rate than the LTFT. The Applied Fuel Trim is usually a simple average of the two = (LTFT + STFT)/2

Start a new thread stating ECU ID number and Suzuki part number (33920-xxxxx) and the addresses that you have worked out and I will add your ECU, we can then work with you to determine other addresses.

You can now also add your own address map:

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